Aging isn’t easy on anyone. It certainly isn’t easy to notice that your driving skills aren’t what they used to be. Your reaction time’s slow.

Driving may have been a way for you to assert your independence, but now it just feels tiring. For your own safety and the safety of those on the road with you, follow these tips.

Stay Active

Aging causes joint stiffness and may cause the muscles to weaken. This impairs your ability to turn the steering wheel quickly, brake safely, and look for oncoming traffic. Being physically active and exercising regularly will maintain and even improve your muscle strength and flexibility.

Get Your Vision and Hearing Tested Regularly

The ability to see and hear is integral to driving safely. Unfortunately, vision and hearing tend to decline as we age.

Drivers who are 65 years of age or older should visit the eye doctor every year. If you require glasses or contact lenses to see, be sure that your prescription is correct and up-to-date. Limit your driving at night and avoid driving during sunrise or sunset when the sun’s glare can be directly in your line of sight.

Trouble hearing sirens, horns, and noises from your own car is another safety hazard. If you are aged 50 or above, get your hearing checked every three years. Try keeping things quiet inside your car.

Understand Your Limitations

Knowing your limitations will go a long way in ensuring driving safety. If there are driving situations or conditions that make you feel uncomfortable, make necessary adjustments. For instance, keep off freeways and highways to avoid fast-moving traffic.

If gripping your steering wheel is uncomfortable or even painful, use a cover that will ease the pain.

Avoid driving in bad weather (rain, thunderstorms, hail, snow, etc.). Plan your route before leaving the house.

Take a Course to Refresh Your Driving Skills

In spite of the years of experience you may have driving, consider taking a refresher course to hone your skills again. Take a defensive driving course. This course has the added benefit of lowering your insurance rates.

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