1. Lack Of Observation

This is a common mistake. Always be fully aware of what is going on around your car.

  1. Disregarding Signs and Signals

Candidates often fail to anticipate changes in traffic lights, thus they can’t react swiftly & earn a demerit point.

To pass your driving test with flying colors, make sure to watch out for traffic lights & road signs.

  1. Poor Road Position

New drivers often drive in wrong lanes. Practice changing lanes on straights, through bends and at roundabouts.

  1. Indecisive Speeds

Failing to choose the right speed is one common mistake applicants make during the driving test.

Keep in mind, driving more than 10mph below or over the speed limit may lead to failing the driving test.

  1. Failing Maneuvers

Taking too much time to maneuver can be a reason for your failure.

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