Getting behind the wheel with your license is your first milestone as an adult. With new-found pride and regality of driving around, make sure you know all the basic traffic safety rules before you hit the road.

Buckle up

No matter how small the ride may be, make sure to put your seat belt on. A seat belt will considerably lower your chances of getting killed or suffer a major injury in a car crash.

Stop fiddling with the radio

Listening to your favorite song on the radio might be crucial to your happy driving time, but fiddling with the radio dial could cause your death. All it takes is a moment of neglect to cause damage to yourself and others.

Set the radio to your favorite station before starting to drive. If you are a new driver and lack concentration, it’s advisable to turn the music off and focus on the road alone.

Turn off the phone

Learners and new drivers are not allowed to use phone while driving. Put the phone out of your sight while driving, if you need to use it then park the car. By limiting the number of distractions in your car, you can drive safely and avoid accidents.

Don’t Cross Speed Limits

There is no need to rush, remember ‘speed is thrill but it kills’. Stay within the given speed limits and drive within your lane. You are just beginning there is no need for keeping-up or over taking other vehicles. This will also reduce chances of you getting a speeding ticket.

Don’t get blind sighted

Side and rear-view mirrors have blind spots; make sure to always check them. Many passersby and bike riders become a victim of these blind spots.  So, check your blind spots, after pulling in and out of parking, making turns, merging in traffics, and before switching lanes.

Adjust your mirrors to a setting that provides maximum view, and make a habit of checking blind spots. And most importantly, don’t drive into someone else’s blind spot; keep a safe distance when behind a vehicle.

End Note

Needless to say, you should not drink, sleep, eat, or take your hands off the wheel when driving.  It is better to learn safety or defensive driving from an expert, to minimize the chances of getting involved in an accident.

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