Sinking Car

  • Remove your seat belt
  • Take a deep breath
  • Roll down a window
  • Open the car door
  • Get out of the car
  • Float to the surface

Car Fire

  • Stay vigilant for any burning smells or overheating
  • Turn off the engine
  • Get out of the car
  • Get help immediately
  • Call a fire extinguisher
  • Clear the area

Tire Blowout

  • Grip the steering while tight
  • Continue slow acceleration
  • Take a side
  • Slow down the car
  • Try and stop on the side of the blown tire

Stuck In A Snow Storm

  • Keep supplies in your car during winter
  • Look around for help
  • DO NOT start a fire
  • Watch out for tailpipe snow
  • Don’t leave your car unless you’re sure where to go

Breaks Failure

  • Get your foot off the gas
  • Shift to a lower gear
  • Engage the emergency brakes
  • Try and pull over to a safe spot

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