Rules are meant to be followed for a reason. Though you may not want to wear your seatbelt each time you go to the store, or strap your rowdy kids in for their trip to the mall, you know that following these rules will keep you safe.

But are you aware of each and every rule designed for your safety?

Road Rules You Should Know

1. Unnecessary Use of Lights and Horn

It’s become second nature to honk or flash our lights as a warning to other vehicles when we’re stuck in a traffic jam or moving at a slow pace. However, this habit can land a hefty fine for you. Laws dictate that you cannot use any warning device in your car unnecessarily. Unless you’re warning the other driver of your position, or about the presence of an animal or using it as a part of an anti-theft system, avoid blazing your horn.

2. Driving with a Pet in Your Lap

Don’t be tempted to put your pet pup in your lap just because they feel alone in the backseat. The RSPCA states that more than 5000 dogs fall off moving vehicles and get injured or killed each year. With such a high number of tragedies, it makes sense to keep your pet in a special transport cage so they’re safe.

3. Leaving a Car Unsecured When Unattended

Even if it will only take you five minutes at the grocer’s, you still cannot leave your car running unattended. Secure your car with the handbrake, turn the engine off, remove your keys from the ignition and lock the doors and windows before getting out. If you have a passenger over 16 years old, you are allowed to leave the engine running. If not, doing so may end up causing trouble for you, as seen in a Salt Lake City incident.

4. Not Using Fog Lights and Number Plate Lights

As a responsible driver, you must only use your front and rear fog lights if you’re driving in conditions that limit your vision. In simple words, when it’s too foggy or misty to see clearly.

Furthermore, the light illuminating your registration plate must be working at all time, especially if you’re driving at night. The plate must be visible at all times.

Learn Proper Driving!

We’ve had many students who don’t know the proper rules of safe driving. And we’ve done our best to teach all of them the right tricks of the road.

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