Teenagers dream of getting behind the wheel, as soon as they turn 16. There is no doubt that having a driver’s license as a proof of official authorization allows a teenager to be free on the roads.

Sadly, what puts a slight halt to this matter is the reality—nearly 40% of teenagers aged from 15-20, lose their lives to fatal accidents.

These fatal accidents are because of recklessness, road rage and drunk driving. It is imperative that parents educate and guide their teens on the rules of responsible driving – something that will lead to their survival.

Mentioned below are some tips on how parents can make their teens drive responsibly:

  1. Make Them Practice Regularly Allowing your teenager to practice driving can be a great plus. Usually, the driver’s-Ed programs offered at schools and driving schools provide only 6 hours of driving experience, which is below the requirement of getting on the road and driving.


  1. Allow Them To Drive In Various Situations –After your teen has obtained a learner’s permit, allow them to drive in different situations: for example, on countryside roads, driving when it’s dark, on freeways and during rainy weathers. This would help you evaluate your teen’s driving skills better.


  1. See If Your Teen Needs A Prolonged Learner’s-Permit–After you’ve evaluated your teen’s driving skills, determine if additional training is needed. Don’t rush things; help your kid understand that safe and responsible driving is a matter of life and death.


  1. Teach Your Teen To Carry Out Regular Car Maintenance –Teaching your kid to check for car maintenance is a major life savior in the situations of distress. Teach them how to check for tires’ air pressure, battery water level, oil, etc. Also, teach them how to replace a flat tire.


  1. Teach Your Teen To Keep Cell Phone Away While Driving –This has to be the most important thing parents can teach their teenagers. Using cell phones while driving is a distraction and can lead to fatalities. Tell them to remember to keep their phones away while driving.

Teaching your teen to drive with responsibility can help him/her step out of the learner’s-permit phase in no-time. If you’re located in Phoenix, looking for best driving schools then Jacob’s Driving School is second-to-none.

From Advanced Driving to Defensive Driving – hundreds have learnt to drive successfully with our help. So when are you signing up?

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