Night blindness is a prevalent issue among people of all ages. However, the older population is more vulnerable to this condition.

Night blindness is not an illness; it is a condition that’s caused by certain bodily changes and external factors. It makes it harder for you to see well at night or in dim/poor light. It can also be a sign of nearsightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes, and more.

As night blindness makes it difficult for you to navigate roads, experts recommend that people with the condition avoid driving at night. This is not only beneficial for the patient themselves, but also protects other people on the road.

How Does Night Blindness Impact My Driving?

While there are several symptoms of night blindness, the following are some examples through which you can determine if you have it or not while driving:

  • Disturbed or an impaired vision while driving.
  • Trouble adapting to the dark.
  • Eyes being increasingly sensitive to the glare from approaching headlights.
  • Excessive squinting.
  • An inability to see pedestrians at night.
  • Blurry vision on the road.

What Can You Do About Night Blindness?

Get treated for it, of course. And avoid driving at all costs.

But if you do need to drive despite your night blindness, the following are some preventive measures you can take while driving at night:

  • Keep your mirrors and windows crystal clear.
  • Dim the lights above your dashboard to reduce glare and bolster your focus.
  • Try not to look directly at the headlights of any approaching vehicles.
  • Don’t drive on highways or at a high speed.
  • Wear red-tinted glasses to enhance your vision at night.
  • Keep blinking.
  • Keep on scanning the entire area so that your eyes are used to all the surrounding lights.
  • If you start to feel that you’re starting to have a vision, massage your eyes for 5 to 10 seconds after stopping.


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