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  • November 29, 2019
    A Guide to Driving on Freeways

    Driving on freeways can be a challenge for many new drivers. Traffic moving at 65 mph can be daunting. Not to mention, the large speeding semi-trailer trucks one has...

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  • November 16, 2018
    Winter Driving Dangers

    Driving Risks During Winter: Driving in the dark & during low light such as sunrise or sunset. We’re getting closer to December, which means days are shorter, and we...

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  • October 09, 2018
    Things to Never Ignore In Your Car

    Things to Never Ignore In Your Car If you’ve had a car for a while now, you’ll agree to the fact that vehicle maintenance is what makes your car...

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  • October 02, 2018
    Driving in Rainy Weather

    Driving in rainy weather is no fun (for most of us!), yet we still have to get to work, or to school, or run an errand. So how do you...

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  • September 07, 2018
    Common Seat Belt Myths

    Seat Belt Myths   We all know at least one person who refuses to use seat belts. I know two! Their usual excuse is “It takes too much time”...

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  • September 25, 2017
    Going For Your First Driving Lesson?

    Keep These Quick Tips In Mind! Get A Provisional License Planning to begin training? Provisional licenses are necessary for your first lesson.Get it at least a week in advance...

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