Going on long drives and road trips is fun, especially if you’re taking the kids along. While it’s fun to travel with family, it can be challenging if you have infants, toddlers or young children in the car.

Driving on highways requires you to have all your attention on the road and you’re right if you’re worried about how you’ll manage to concentrate on the road with all the noise and distractions. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to keep your restless little ones at peace throughout the trip.

Here are three effective ways to keep your kids entertained and safe while on a road trip:

Electronic Devices May Help Here

Before leaving for the trip, you can download some of their favorite games and animated movies on a tablet or smartphone. If there’s a newborn in the car, download some cute lullabies to keep your little one content and to even help them sleep.

Keep a Bag Loaded With Art Supplies

Prepare a bag with some markers, crayons, color pencils, and other art supplies that your kids love to use.

You could also buy a set of puzzles to keep the little ones engaged and busy. Make sure the puzzle isn’t an easy one—the more time they take to solve the puzzle, the lesser the distractions.

Keep an Instant Film Camera

While everyone has cameras on their smart phones, instant film cameras are still unique in their own way. Get one of these cameras for your kids and teach them how to use it. Then give them a list of things or animals that they come across on the trip, and ask them to capture as many as they can. This will keep your little ones busy throughout the trip and will enable you to drive better and safer.

Before you get behind the wheel on a highway, get in touch with us to brush up on important driving skills you’ll need on the trip. At Jacob’s Driving and Traffic School, we offer an extensive range of driving lessons, as well as defensive driving courses. For more information about our driving classes in Arizona, give us a call at (602) 297-1000.


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