Passing a driving test is a major milestone in life. It means that you now have the freedom to hit the road and go to places that were off-limits before. It also means you’ll never have conveyance issues. Ever.

However, taking the driving test can be quite intimidating. After all, there is a stranger sitting right beside you, watching and evaluating your every move.  First-timers can easily lose focus and make silly mistakes that lead to failure.

But don’t worry; we have gathered some tips and tricks to help you pass your test the first-time.

Have a good night’s sleep

It is common to have butterflies in the stomach one day before the test, which makes it difficult to sleep. Lack of sleep affects the ability to focus during the test, which results in failure.

So try and calm your mind at night, and have a good night’s sleep. Take a sleeping pill if necessary.

Don’t skip breakfast

A good night’s sleep with a proper breakfast is necessary for optimum brain function. Because of anticipation, people tend to skip breakfast which seriously hampers performance.

Have a healthy breakfast on the day of your test, which will ensure that you are mentally and physically ready.

Bring a car in good condition

You want to be judged only on your driving skills, so failing the test because of your car is the worst thing that can happen.

So for the test, make sure to bring a car that meets all the safety regulations, which includes: working seatbelts, headlights and brake lights and unbroken windshield.

If your car is not in a good condition, borrow or rent one.

Use both hands

Even if you are comfortable using one hand for steering, you must both hands on the driving wheel.  Remember that along with the ability to drive, you are also being judged on the right way of driving. No matter how well you drive using only one hand, you are going to fail the test.

Drive at just the right speed

Driving slowly does not equate to driving safe. In fact, driving slowly is just as dangerous as driving fast.

If you see that several cars are passing by you, pick up speed immediately. Try to keep your pace the same as other cars on the road.

Leave enough space

Leave a space of two or three cars in between you and the car in front. This gives you a good 2 seconds to react if the car in front collides with someone else. This is also something that the examiner notices and marks you on.

Change lanes only after signaling

Sometimes, drivers get confused when the examiner asks to change lanes. They make the turn immediately without giving the indicator, thinking that the examiner has noticed something wrong on the road.

Whenever, the examiner asks you to change lanes, do not turn immediately. Give the indicator and check the rear-view mirrors. Only after you do this, should you change lanes.

Remember, never to change lanes on the intersection. It is considered very risky and inappropriate.

Stop completely before a stop sign

A stop sign does not mean slow down. It means stop. So whenever you see a stop sign, you should bring your car at a complete halt, even if there is nothing in front of you. This is something that examiners usually notice and mark.

Learn from a professional

There is nothing like a driving school to boost your confidence during the test. A driving school will equip with you the proper knowledge about the State laws and regulations, which you can demonstrate on your test.  The instructor will also give you some personal tips, which will ensure that you not only pass, but ace your test.

You can get a driving course anywhere and anytime with us. All you have to do is go to our website and book a class. We provide services in Scottsdale, Tolleson, Chandler and Mesa. Call (602) 297-1000 to learn more.

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