On average, car owners often don’t spend much time driving. Stats indicate that people who drive regularly spend just under an hour behind the wheel per day. While this is the minimal and safe amount of time, there are some exceptions to these stats.

People who drive long distances on a daily basis, to either get to work or as part of their work face a number of risks pertaining to physical and mental health. These dangers include obesity, stress, sleep disorders and even risks of developing diseases that may shorten the person’s overall lifespan.

Here’s what happens when you spend more than two hours a day driving.


Research conducted in Australia showed that nearly 80% of obese people shared one common attribute: driving more than two hours a day. The rates of obesity are also higher in people who commute on a daily basis via a car or public transportation instead of using cycles or bikes. Active commuting is critical in lowering the risks of diseases related to obesity such as heart conditions, diabetes and premature mortality.

Back pain

Driving and commuting involve sitting in a less-than-ideal posture. Without proper back care, spending hours on a car seat every day can lead to a variety of problems associated with back pain, such as sciatica.

Smoking and Eating

Research suggests that people who spend long periods of time inside a car are more likely to develop a strong smoking habit. Apart from smoking, longer commutes are also responsible for a change in behavioral patterns that may lead the person to make poor health choices. This can be characterized by unnecessary munching on snacks, alcohol consumption and reliance on junk and fast food.


Long commutes take up extra time, which means that a person’s overall schedule, sleeping habits and quality of life are being affected. Not only this, but longer commutes also take up time that could otherwise be spent on leisure activities. Lack of any physical activity, being surrounded by air and noise pollution and fatigue can result in stress and anxiety in both drivers and commuters.

To minimize these risks, it’s important for individuals to practice back care and take steps that can cut down the time spent inside a vehicle substantially. For those just getting into the driving scene, these risks should be kept in mind while choosing a place of work.

If you’re just about to buy a car and can overlook these dangers, make sure that your driving skills are fully developed. To enroll in driving school in Phoenix, Arizona, get in touch with us!

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