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If you have a ticket, and are wondering how to get rid of the violation, then taking a defensive driving course is your best bet. Our defensive driving specialists would be here to help you at every step of the way until you pass your class and clear your Traffic Ticket successfully.

With us, you have the opportunity to:

  • Receive a court approval
  • Engage in a convenient, engaging and practical course

Why Choose Jacob’s Driving School for Defensive Driving in Phoenix, Arizona?

With Jacob’s Driving Schools offers a defensive driving course that accomplishes what it advertises: clearing away the violation successfully. We have an extensive experience in turning our customers into better, responsible drivers. If you are on the edge of the decision to choose us, here are some reasons that would convince you to take a defensive driving class with us!

We Offer a State-Approved Course

The defensive driving course that we offer has been approved by the Arizona State Supreme Court. This would give you the peace of mind that what you are learning is beneficial for you, and will be valid to waive your violation once you pass the test.

We Do Not Have Any Hidden Charges

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not engage in cheap tricks like asking for money when the customer is mid-way of the course, or when they are downloading the Certificate of Completion. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are happy with the service that we provide, and we maintain transparency in pricing to create and maintain a better relationship with the customer.

You Can Complete and Enjoyable, Practical and Comprehensive Course

The defensive driving course in Phoenix that we offer is interactive, engaging and comprehensive.

Responsive Site

You can access the site from any device and start right from where you left off. Your progress will be saved.

Easy Access, Maximum Security

Your account will be easy to log in and out. However, this does not mean that your personal information would be left unsecure. Unless you leave around your device with the account logged in, you can rest assured that your personal information is safe at our end. We use the most high-tech encryption methods to secure your data.

Reduce Insurance Rates

Taking a defensive driving course has an added benefit of reducing the insurance rates as much as 10% for a period up to five years. With our practical defensive driving course, you can benefit from this reduction, too!

Jacob’s Driving School welcomes individuals who wish to have a clean slate in terms of driving, and will help them say goodbye to their violation! Reach out to us today!


Defensive Driving Classes in Phoenix

Are you looking for a driving class near you? We offer quality, comprehensive and practical defensive driving classes to students.

There are many perks of taking defensive driving classes. You enjoy decreased insurance rates; reduction of points on your driver’s license; and the ability to drive in the toughest of conditions!

Jacobs Driving School provides individuals up-to-date driving tips and instructions to help with their driving license requirements. We take pride in molding students into better, law abiding drivers!


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Defensive Traffic School

Jacobs Driving School: 3240 E UNION HILLS DR, SUITE 175PHOENIX AZ 85050

May 10, 2017

from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EST)

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