Refund Policy


Jacob’s Driving School aims to maintain transparency with its customers. All potential and existing customers are encouraged to read the privacy and refund policies.

A. Fees Refund

The state fee, state surcharge, and the court diversion fee are non-refundable once an individual begins a defensive driving or ADM course or any other driving class. The exceptions are stated in the section below. Jacob’s Driving School will not refund the state surcharge or the state fee for any student failing the test, but shall duly forward the amount to the Arizona Supreme Court. The driving school reserves the right to refund other registration fees as per the direction of a court, or the prosecution of their own guidelines. Prior to accepting fees from a student, Jacob’s Driving School will provide the refund policy for perusal. A submission of fees evinces the agreement of the student to the constituents in the refund policy.

B. Eligibility Criteria for Refund

Jacob’s Driving School will provide a refund of state surcharge, state fees and court diversion in the case when:

  1. A student pays for a defensive driving course but does not begin the course and does not contact the school for a reschedule. The school will then refund the aforementioned charges upon notification from the student that they will not be attending the course. If a notification is not received by the school 30 days after the scheduled driving course, the school will refund the fees to the student.
  2. A law enforcement officer fails to file a citation with a court and the cited individual attends a defensive driving course for the said citation. Jacob’s Driving School will inform the division staff that a refund is requested and is applicable upon notification from the court. Once the division staff provides the approval, the school will refund the charges mentioned.
  3. A citation is dismissed by the jurisdictional court on its own motion, for technical problems not correctable under civil traffic rules of court.

C. Defensive Driving Eligibility after Refund

A refund of the state surcharge, state fee, and/or the court diversion fee to an individual in the cases mentioned above would automatically result in the restoration of the said individual’s eligibility for a defensive driving course.

D. Ineligible Violations

The refund of state surcharges and the state fees would not be applicable in the case when a student attends a defensive driving class who is ineligible, or if the said individual commits an ineligible violation, irrespective of the fault of the individual or the school.

E. Court Refund

The jurisdictional court reserves the right to direct a court diversion fee refund at its discretion, or may dictate the school to forward the fee to the court up to the amount of the default for citation due the court.

F. Role of the Driving School

Jacob’s Driving School is responsible for maintaining complete and accurate records of all refunds and will affix the supporting documentation for each disbursement.

G. Board Authority

In the cases where refunds are not applicable for authorization, the board holds the express right, under the subsection (D)(5)(b)(2), to restore the eligibility of a student who attends a driving course but cannot have the violation dismissed due to its ineligible nature. Any violation is ineligible if it is not included in the A.R.S. § 28-3392(A) (1) or (2).