Return Policy


Jacob’s Driving School aims to maintain transparency with its customers by clearly stating and elaborating its policies and processes. This return policy constitutes the regulations delineating the conditions for fee returns.


The completion of a course at Jacob’s Driving School will NOT guarantee the student’s procurement of a Driver’s License or a Learner Permit. A student will be awarded a license or permit only when they clear the vision test, computer-based knowledge test and the road test conducted by DMV.

This course will NOT count for any school credit. Students can be qualified for a discount on insurance premiums.

A. Class Canceled By the Student

If a class is cancelled by the student prior to the scheduled date, $40 would be charged. No refund is applicable once the class is finished.

B. Class Canceled by the School

Jacob’s Driving School aims to deliver classes once they are scheduled. However, under unforeseen circumstances when it becomes necessary for the school to cancel a certain lesson which has been paid for, prior notice (as will be feasible by the school) will be provided, with the offer of a reschedule. Should it not be possible for a student enrolled in the class, the fee would be repaid in full upon request.

C. Canceling and Rescheduling a Class

Should the need arise to cancel a lesson or reschedule it to another date and time preferred as per a student’s flexibility; a prior notice of minimum 48 hours is required. This is to ensure that the instructor appointed for the said class can be re-assigned to another class. In the case that a student is unable to keep the appointment and fails to notify the school within 48 hours, the class will remain scheduled and the fees (if prepaid) will not be refunded.

D. Deposit Refunds

Refunds will be duly provided for any deposit made prior to the class. However, if a student attends the first class, they will no longer be qualified for a refund. An exception in this case is if the student has been trained by an unlicensed instructor, for which Jacob’s Driving School will make a full refund.

F. Absence and Rescheduling for Classroom Instruction

If a student requires rescheduling the classroom portion of instruction, they should contact the office to receive approval of the change.

In the case that a student misses a driving session without notifying the school within 24 hours, a fee of $25.00 is applicable to cover instructor costs. The certificate of completion will not be awarded unless the cost has been covered.

G. Accidents and Damages

The instructors at Jacob’s Driving School are directed and trained to do everything possible to prevent an accident or damage to the vehicle. However, if a student will be liable for a damage fee in the cases of:

  1. Personal negligence, or
  2. Failing to adhere to the instructions provided by the driving instructor

If any one of the aforementioned criteria is met, the student will have to pay for the damages incurred, up to a maximum of $500. Any additional cost will be covered by the school’s insurance policy.

F. Unfit for Instruction

If a Jacob’s Driving School instructor observes that a student is unfit for instruction due to the effects of alcohol, drugs, medication, or any other reason which renders the student incapable of taking a lesson, the instructor reserves the right to discontinue the lesson. However, the student will be held liable for the full cost of the lesson period.