Being able to drive is freeing, but it’s a massive responsibility. You have to drive carefully at all times to not just protect yourself, but your passengers as well as other drivers and pedestrians.

All drivers come across road hazards while driving, it’s about how you deal with the hazards that matters.

Here are some of the most common road hazards and how to safely avoid them:

Wildlife and animals

Arizona is known for its wildlife and often these animals get onto the roads. In the process of saving these animals, many drivers end up in accidents. The best way to prevent this is to drive slower in areas where wildlife has been spotted and use high beam for better visibility. If you do come across an animal, don’t swerve around it. The best thing you can do when an animal appears in front of your car is to slam the breaks, flash your lights, and blow the horn.


Fatigue is a major issue. When you’re mentally and physically exhausted, chances are you will be sleepy or zoned out while driving, which can lead to accidents. Only drive when you are completely aware. If you feel sleepy while on the road, pull over, have some water, take a break, walk a bit, and begin driving when you feel awake.

Losing focus

If you have too much on your mind or you’re doing your usual route, it’s easy to lose focus on the road and drive in “auto pilot”. Make a conscious effort to stay focused on the road at all times. Reduce your distractions, keep your phone in your bag, don’t keep the music too loud, don’t try turning on the air conditioning while you’re driving, or adjusting the mirrors either. Pull over to make a phone call or text someone.


Cars tend to skid on damp roads. If you’ve ever driven a car after light rain, you know it can be difficult to control the vehicle. Cars are most likely to skid when you’re driving at high speeds and try going around corners.

Experts have abandoned the “turn into skid” technique as it doesn’t really help control the vehicle. If your vehicle is skidding, take your foot off the gas and steer your car to a safe side of the road. Gently steer your car so that you don’t lose any more traction. Don’t use your brakes as that will only make matters worse.

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