While spring cleaning is essential for your home to prepare it for the seasons to come, prepping your car is also important. Doing so will save you a lot of problems later on in the year. Spring vehicle maintenance prepares your vehicle for road trips and long drives you have planned for summer as well.

Here are some vital services your car needs during spring:

Check and change the tires

Vehicle tires are significantly affected by the change in season. Harsh winters and hot summers wear them out which can lead to more fuel consumption. Worn out tires are most likely going to “drag” and the engine has to put in more effort for the car to move smoothly.

Ideally, you should have two sets of tires, one for winter and the other set for the rest of the year. Make sure you have your tired checked by professionals this spring. These professionals measure the depth of the treads on tire; if they are excessively worn out, your vehicle won’t have the required traction and will require a replacement.

Replace wiper blades and fluid

Snow, rain, and harsh weather can wear down your windshield wipers considerably. Using such windshield wipers will only damage your windshield. Replace the wiper blades when you notice they are streaking your windshield. They are inexpensive and easy to install. Top up on windshield wiper fluid as well and while you’re at it, apply a windshield treatment that repels water to prepare for rain.

Check and replace the battery

At the end of a long winter season, it’s essential to have your battery checked to evaluate your vehicle’s electrical system. Have your car battery checked to ensure it is functioning properly and to determine how strong or weak it is.

The normal life of a car battery is around 4 years. The battery might start causing trouble after 4 years, which will eventually  result in a replacement. If it is too old, have it replaced. After all, it’s better than being stranded somewhere with a dead battery.

Change the oil

Regular oil chances are essential for the smooth running of your vehicle. Oil changes ensure your car has a long life. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding oil change and its intervals. Have the oil filters changed on a regular basis as well. Go to a well reputed service in the area to have the oil and oil filter changed done.

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