We’ve all heard those far too common phrases regarding women drivers. Existing without a cause or fact, there are countless myths that surround them which can often be annoying.

With the large number of women drivers on the roads today, a significant number of stigmas have risen regarding their capability and skills when it comes to driving safely. But how much truth is there to these myths?

Below we will discuss some common myths that women drivers are tired of hearing!

Myth #1: Most accidents on the road are because of women

This is far from true. Past research has found that men are more likely than women to be involved in serious car accidents due to bad driving habits. These include speed driving and drunk driving. Moreover, it was also found that men were more likely to be involved in a collision due to reckless behavior.  Furthermore, globally, men make up for around 73 percent of all road traffic fatalities—three times the rate of women!

Therefore, when taking these factors into account, we can safely say that this myth is untrue.

Myth #2: Women can’t handle a broken down car

There are many women mechanics entering the automobile industry, which renders this myth untrue. Handling broken cars and repairing them takes skill and determination, and gender doesn’t play a role in this. Just like there are men who repair cars like pros, there are women as well. Generalizing this down to a mere gender without sufficient evidence makes the claim invalid.

Myth #3: Women commit more offences than men on the road

It’s commonly believed that women are reckless on roads and suffer from road rage. However, past research on gender gap in 100 drivers found that 79 percent of approximately 600,000 motoring offences were committed by male drivers. Women drivers only made up around a quarter of this number.

There have also been cases of men speeding more on the roads, and around 65 percent of all car insurances were claimed by male drivers in 2017 alone!

Moreover, it may be believed that women drivers take longer to perfect their driving skills. But regardless of anything, the truth is that they are focused and attentive on the road. Once they perfect their driving skills, they are extremely competent drivers.

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