Driving is not for everyone and for good reasons. Unless you’re on a road trip, listening to your favorite music with your favorite people, it can be the most boring and tiring task out there. This is why a number of people don’t pay much attention to it and fall victim to adopting bad driving habits.

If you’ve been driving carelessly, you’re not only putting your own life but the lives of everyone sharing the road with you, at risk. Apart from that, these practices can put unnecessary strain on your car, depreciating its value and resulting in additional trips to the mechanic. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

Clasping on to the gearstick

Your driving teacher must have told you about the importance of keeping both hands on the steering wheel. However, as time passes and drivers feel more confident in their driving skills, they often start using only one hand to move the steering and place the other on the shift stick. This can result in premature wear—due to the pressure—to the selector fork, which is attached to the gearstick and affect transmission.


Hoarding tons of bags and luggage or fitting in more people than the car’s capacity; we’ve all been there. Doing this once or twice won’t affect your car much but if you make it a regular practice, you’re only accelerating the damage to the brakes, drivetrain and suspension.

Ignoring speed breakers and bumps

If you don’t pay attention to the road or like driving aggressively, there’s a high chance that speed bumps are damaging your car’s structural integrity. When you don’t slow down while crossing a speed bump or a pothole, the sudden imbalance can:

  • Impact wheel alignment
  • Cause chips and dent to the car’s back and front
  • Leave lumps in tires and
  • Disturb the tracking

This practice is highly dangerous as you can end up crashing into cars in front of you that are driving at a slow pace as per the road safety rules.

A number of accidents occur because of these overlooked mistakes and end up costing lives as well as money. Even the most seasoned drivers are sometimes unaware of their bad driving habits and continue practicing them. To get reacquainted with the safe driving practices, book yourself a driving lesson with our experts.

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