When your kid finally hits the driving age, it suddenly dawns on you how fast they’ve grown up. It can be hard to imagine your once stumbling toddler is now old enough to take on the wheel and start driving on their own!

Many parents feel anxious about this big step, but it’s also important to have faith in your teen so they can be confident in their abilities as well. How do you strike the balance between trusting your teen of legal age to drive and being cautious?

For starters, ensure they complete the required training course to learn how to drive first! Here are some signs that will help you determine their preparedness for the real deal.

Shows responsibility in general

Your willingness to let your teenager drive on their own relies heavily on the kind of teen they’ve grown up to be.

Are they responsible in other aspects of their life or do they have a tendency to be reckless? This can include their grades, hobbies, social life, etc.

If your child likes to take initiative with responsibilities around the home then it’s easier to trust them.

However, most teenagers are not that proactive but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss them immediately. Ask them to show you they can be responsible with their chores etc. during the week.

Can resist peer pressure

Sometimes you want to trust your child but not the company they keep. If you notice a tendency to be impressionable in your child then be cautious about trusting them too soon.

It’s also important to lead by example when you’re in the driving seat and show them the responsible way to drive.

If your child has never seen you drink and drive, or speed or violate traffic laws, then they’re less likely to do the same.

Abides by traffic laws

You have to accompany your teen by law until they get a graduated driver’s license.

During this period make a note of whether or not your teen is following the laws or taking them for granted.

Exhibiting a desire to follow traffic laws means that your child will be more mindful about being cautious and safe on the road.

Questions to ask yourself

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to assure yourself whether or not your teen is ready to go solo.

  • Do they have enough practice?
  • Do they always wear a seatbelt and advise others to do so?
  • Are they an aggressive driver?
  • Do they know they have to pull over when frustrated?
  • Will they be able to resist the urge to respond to texts while driving?


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