While there’s no limit to the number of times a person can take a driving test in America, passing on the first attempt bangs differently. Learner drivers are often nervous even after completing hours of practice and learning all the traffic rules. If taking the test feels like impending doom and you’re worried about failing it, you’re not alone.

Surveys show that 44% beginner drivers fail written driving tests while more than half flunk the practical test on first attempt. Learning the right moves, basic understanding and regular practice can help you ace your test.

If you’re hoping to pass the test with flying colors and can’t wait to be out on the road alone, here are 3 things you should be doing.

Don’t Rush Practice Sessions

Most states in the US only allow for a re-sit 30 days after a failed attempt. This means that you’ll have to wait a whole month for the permit you’re so eager to get. It’s better to spend more days practicing and learning all the road regulations by heart rather than rushing everything. Give yourself time to learn, understand and apply every instruction from your trainer and keep your cool.

Practice Driving in Different Conditions

Many drivers have difficulty driving at night or in unusual weather conditions such as rain or harsh winds. You can’t have moderate sunny weather 24 hours a day so practice just as much in the night as in the day. Driving in rainy weather is dangerous even for the most experienced drivers but this doesn’t mean that you should shy away from practice. This is especially important if you plan taking the car out on daily basis after obtaining your license.

Remember that weather can take a turn for worse any time so if you’re unprepared conditions, you’ll be putting yourself and everyone sharing the road with you, at risk.

Never Take Your Eyes off Mirrors

The rear and side mirrors are the most important indicators of driving conditions around you and can prove the difference between life and death in stress driving conditions. As a learner driver, you should sharpen your observation skills and keep an eye on all mirrors when driving through traffic or narrow roads.

When you’re taking the test, make sure to adjust all the mirrors before you step on the gas. Switch between each mirror by moving your head when needed.

Bonus Tips

Give the test your undivided attention and just focus on following the rules as well as examiner’s instructions. The most important thing is to have faith in yourself. Remember that you have spent hours practicing and learning so believe that you can do it.

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