72% of residents in Arizona are licensed drivers. And while getting a license is proof of one’s driving skills, there are certain unspoken rules that aren’t specifically taught in driving school. These rules are something that can only be learned through experience on the road.

Here we’ve talked about 5 of the most common rules that newly licensed drivers are probably unaware of.

Use Your Horn and High Beams Conservatively

Don’t use your horn for the slightest inconvenience you face on the road. Some people honk their car horn every chance they get and this can get annoying for everyone, including pedestrians.

Use your car horn only when necessary, such as if someone is stalling the traffic at a stoplight because they’re distracted by their phone or if you’re in someone’s blind spot while they’re changing lanes. Only then is it acceptable to use your car horn.

The same goes for your high beams. High beams blind the drivers on the incoming traffic and potentially cause accidents. If there’s low visibility and you can’t see ahead, dim your lights when you approach a vehicle from behind.

Space your Car at an Appropriate Distance

When at a stoplight, leave enough distance for pedestrians to cross the road comfortably. Leaving a distance of a car length causes rush hour traffic to increase. Don’t drive bumper-to-bumper either. There should be enough distance that if a car crashes into you from behind, the car ahead is not impacted.

But if you’re driving uphill then by all means leave a little more room because cars tend to roll slightly backward before accelerating.

Move Aside for Emergency Vehicles

Ambulances, police cars and fire trucks are in a hurry for obvious reasons. Turn on your indicator and switch lanes to give way. Don’t think that one car won’t matter. A few seconds can be the difference between life and death.

Picking up a Friend

When you’re picking someone up, always check your rearview mirror to make sure you’re not blocking any traffic. If your friend told you they’d be out in a minute and there are cars waiting behind you, it’s not okay to make 30 people wait because your friend may or may not be at the front door. Simply, go ahead and circle back. It will only take a few extra minutes.

The Courtesy Gesture is Mandatory

If a driver gives you way into the flow of traffic during rush hour, just give them a friendly wave. It’s not that difficult and other drivers really appreciate it.

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