Arizona is easily one of the most scenic states to enjoy a road trip with your family, on a girl’s trip or even by yourself. Your itinerary will have something for everyone and picturesque views will compel you to stop and take everything in during your road trip.

While there are plenty of reasons to go road tripping in Arizona, let’s take a look at some road safety facts.

The Arizona Department of Transportation reports more than 127,000 motor vehicle accidents in 2017, out of which, close to a 1000 were fatal. One of the major factors in these accidents was alcohol consumption.

The most frequently occurring accidents involved rear-end collisions with the most probable cause being speeding. Exceeding the speed limit can also often cause drivers to run into trouble with roadside construction, especially during harsh weather conditions.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for your next road trip.

Prepare yourself beforehand

This means making sure you’re not sleep deprived before you get behind the wheel. Get plenty of rest and at least 8 hours of sleep before you hit the road so you don’t doze off behind the wheel.

This goes without saying, but avoid consuming alcohol before, and especially during the time you’re driving. It can put all your passengers at risk and can also get you in legal trouble.

Take plenty of breaks

It’s important to keep taking plenty of breaks when you’re driving to give the mind rest. You could be dozing off and not realize it when you’re driving.

Make sure you plan to take plenty of rest stops along the way to stretch your legs. If you think you’re too tired, don’t push yourself. Move your car off the road and avoid stopping on breakdown lanes unless it’s an emergency.

Take healthy snacks

Carrots and almonds are the best road-trip snacks because they help you stay awake. You can also take trail mix along or anything that is easy to open.

If you’re alone in the car, make sure you don’t get distracted when you’re driving with hard to open snacks. Here are foods that help you stay awake on the road. Another tip is to smell strong scents like peppermint, to instantly alert your mind.

Switch driving seats

If you’re taking a road trip with someone else who is a licensed driver, take turns driving. This will help both of you get plenty of rest and still help you arrive at your destination on time.

Sit straight

When you begin driving, make sure the seat is adjusted for your body and posture. Sitting too long in one position or slouching can make it easier to fall asleep. Keep your body in check and ease out the tension in your muscle by resting and stretching.

Plan entertainment

Driver’s fatigue can lead to accidents but staying entertained on your trip can avoid that from happening. Whether it’s listening to audio books, music or playing car games with the family, make sure you make the road trip a fun experience!

Brush up on your driving skills before a road trip and learn about defensive driving with us in Arizona! Contact us for more information about our driving classes.

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