Why women are considered bad drivers is far from anyone’s understanding.

The National Highway Safety Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTSA), reports that men cause way more accidents than women. But the general perception is that women don’t drive as well as men. Due to this perception, many women feel less confident behind the wheel.

Are men over-confident as drivers? Or is it just a feminist issue?

Whatever it may be, according to the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, there are more licensed women drivers than men. So there is absolutely no reason to feel less confident when hitting the road. It’s time to get in your car and enjoy the freedom.

Here are some crucial tips:

Practice, Practice, Practice

To become a good and a confident driver, you need to constantly practice driving. Your responsibility to learn does not end after the passing the test. You need to commit yourself to keep learning; the more you learn, the better you will become at diving and hence more confident.

Drive different cars

If you learn how to drive an automatic transmission, it could be really intimidating to drive a manual vehicle. Make sure that whenever you are learning how to drive, drive different cars. Experience with manual and automatic, as well as big and small cars since your aim should be to become a good driver overall.

Learn how to control road rage

When you are on the road, you may be facing bad drivers who will frustrate you. Traffic jams and congestions can also make you lose your calm. Find a way to control your road rage, as it is the biggest reason for road accidents.

Listen to soft music or focus on positive affirmations to remain calm, which will make you confident as well as a better driver.

Driving School

Nothing can substitute the learning that you get from a professional driving school. You learn all road regulations that will prevent you from getting traffic tickets. You will learn the art of defensive driving which will make you a safer driver. And you also learn how to deal with the psychological aspects of driving.

Insurance companies also offer discounts to drivers who have passed a driving school as they are considered ‘less risk’ drivers. This is something that can make you really confident in your ability to drive.

Book a lesson with us today and you will be well on your way to becoming a confident driver. We offer classes in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Mesa and Tempe.

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