Even if we’re adept drivers and are extremely careful to follow all rules and regulations when behind the wheel, accidents can happen!

According to statistics, despite all precautions taken, car crashes are still on the rise in Arizona! This brings us to the question, how does one work around forces that are not in our control. The answer?

Defensive driving techniques.

Before getting into specifics however, about what is covered in a defensive driving course and how one becomes a good defensive driver, were going to delve into the basics.

Why bother?

So you’re possibly thinking, “I’m a licensed driver, why do I need to learn more driving skills?” Well, regardless of personal road skill and etiquette, there are a number of variables when driving a car out on the road that we cannot control.

Examples may include, but are not restricted to:

  • Break malfunctions
  • Tire skids
  • Sudden accidents while in the fast lane
  • Children running across the street
  • Otherreckless, aggressive, irresponsible or intoxicated drivers.

Defensive driving employs a style that maximizes road safety both for you and those around you; it’s prime focus being avoiding accidental injury. In short, learning defensive driving techniques keep you and others safer on the road!

How does that work?

Defensive driving works by helping those taking classes become more conscious drivers. It emphasizes the importance of taking account of variables, not just those mentioned above but also personal influences like the fatigue and existing weather conditions.

Once potential hazards and road risks are bought to our attention, we are in a better position to figure out how we might want to address them. Defensive driving courses also teach us to be more self-aware while driving.

It helps us stay more alert as to what our surroundings are and smarter about what course of action is best in case of a catastrophe!


Not just in theory

Though knowing possible variables and processing them intellectually to be better equipped on the road is helpful, as the old saying goes: practice makes perfect.

Learning defensive driving techniques is very much a part of the education and this is not just on paper. It is important to back what is imparted with practical experience and most trusted defensive driving instructors will likely do just that!


If your safety and that of others on the road is not good enough reason, then you might also like to know that defensive driving courses and being certified is extremely helpful when dealing with non-fatal accident related legalities where injury is not a factor.


Do it for yourself, your friends, your family or even for general public safety—but do look into defensive driving courses near you. Enjoy those wheels while keeping safe!

Jacob’s Driving School is dedicated to providing learners in Phoenix, Arizona with top-notch instructors who ensure that those graduating are better, smarter and more confident drivers.

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