With the rising rate of car crashes in the Arizona State area today, there is increased concern over road safety.

Statistics on the matter are a cause for concern as accident and car cash rates seem to have gone up between 2015 and 2016 according to the mediasomething that is becoming increasingly popular in response to safety concerns of late is defensive driving.

Many choose defensive driving classes to help lower their auto insurance cost and reduce points on their driver’s license. This being said, how does one become a good defensive driver?

The Answer

The only way to ensure that you are a good defensive driver is by taking up a defensive driving class or course.

This can be followed by practice to further strengthen your skill and instincts, however, for those of you who like lists, or those of you who are still waiting to enroll in a defensive driving class and want to get a better sense of what it is about, we’ve put together a few basic dos and don’ts of defensive driving!

The Dos

Stay alert

Why you should, is self-explanatory. It always makes sense to stay sharp on the road so you can detect and respond to any sudden safety threat in an appropriate manner!

Slow down at turns and banks

Your car is likely least stable at turns which is why turning at high speeds is highly unadvisable. Visibility around turns can also sometimes be limited so make sure the speed you’re at keeps you stable and leaves you enough time to react in case something pops out from around the corner!

Keep your distance

Some drivers like to pull in extremely close to the car ahead of them with the possible misguided notion that this might get them places quicker. This is extremely dangerous as a tiny miscalculation could land your front fender in the backlights of someone else’s vehicle.

Keep a safe distance from cars in front of you. A simple rule of thumb; drive close enough to see the back wheels of the car ahead of you and no more. Similarly, if it’s a tight squeeze between two vehicles, wait!

Spatial Awareness

Remember you’re not the only one on the road. When driving, look long and look short. Check your mirrors and keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Be aware of any dodgy drives or unexpected potholes or diversions. The more in tune you are with your surroundings, the more equipped you will be to avert disaster.

Wear A Seatbelt

You might think this is obvious but you would be surprised. Ensure that you as well as those in the car with you are all safe and strapped in!

The Don’ts


Drive Tired Or Intoxicated

Please don’t. If not for your own safety, then for those with and around you. Do not get behind the wheel if you’re sleep deprived and especially not after knocking back a few. Both result in serious motor-sensory impairment which is detrimental for any driver.


Though from time to time, it might be fun to make those pistons scream over a long open road, try not to make it a habit.

Numerous people die from or are injured in speeding accidents on an annual basis. Speeding reduces the time you have to respond by up to 80%, depending on how fast you’re going!

Ignore Blind Spots

When driving, it might not seem like it, but visibility is limited. There are certain angles from which cars may approach undetected by your mirrors and you need to be aware of where these spots are as well as how to watch out for them.

Be Nasty

Yes. Be kind. When people want to overtake, give them room. Don’t hog the fast lane if you are cruising and most definitely don’t try to play chicken at a crossroad with a truck!

Give way to cyclists and pedestrians and if you see a bottleneck happening, remember to wait instead of try and squeeze your way in.

Get Distracted

Distractions can come in the form of phones, iPod, and arguments with your partner on the way to somewhere.

When on the road, focus on just that and leave finding the perfect music to play at a time when you don’t have a ton plus worth of metal and a world of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers at your mercy.


These are a few of the many pointers taken into account when attempting to be a defensive driver but not all of them. If you wish to learn more, check out a driving school near you and ask about defensive driving courses on offer! Roll smooth and drive safe!

Jacob’s Driving School is dedicated to providing learners in Phoenix, Arizona with top-notch instructors who ensure that those graduating are better, smarter and more confident drivers.

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