There are a sizeable number of people who get drowsy while driving. And while feeling fatigued and dozing off is rarely categorized as a major reason for road accidents, it still constitutes unsafe driving.

What Are The Reasons Behind Drowsy Driving?

The physical vibrations of a moving car can make drivers feel sleepy, impacting their concentration levels within 15 minutes of when they start driving. While fatigue is a huge factor that leads to drowsy sleeping, the role of vibration-induced sleeping cannot be ignored.

If you’ve ever traveled from one city to another, you’ll notice that you eventually tend to start dozing off. This is because of two reasons: firstly, the roads are smooth—with minimal traffic—and you get tired after having driven for so long.

Drivers who don’t get enough sleep tend to get drowsy the most during driving. Commercial drivers and shift workers (people working for night shifts or long shifts) also experience drowsy driving.

Moreover, people with untreated sleep disorders and a habit of using sleeping pills also experience drowsy driving.

What Are The Symptoms Of Drowsy Driving?

While a bobbing head is a sure symptom of drowsy driving, the following are some lesser-known ones:

  • Yawning and/or blinking frequently
  • Difficulty remembering directions or remembering the past few miles you’ve driven
  • Constantly missing exits and turns
  • Having difficulty staying in your lane
  • Hitting, rumbling, and not being able to focus on the road

How Can I Get Rid Of Drowsy Driving?

If you think you have a sleeping disorder, we recommend that you visit a sleep therapist, and to not depend on sleeping pills. You should also visit a professional if you snore or constantly feel sleepy during the day, even if you are well rested.

While feeling sleepy during driving is a completely natural phenomenon with a lot of external factors that impact its occurrence, you also need to be aware of all the precautions and preventive measures you can take if you do doze off during driving.

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