Regardless of all the advantages of manual or automatic transmission cars, when it comes to which car is best to drive, it really depends on the country you live in.

Did you know? According to a survey on the, in Japan and Europe, the percentage of people opting to drive manual transmission cars is 80%.

While in the US, manual transmission cars are only preferred by 3.9% of the entire population; which means that 96% people drive automatic transmission cars.

The Difference Between Automatic And Manual Transmission Cars

Automatic transmission cars require minimum shifting of gears, which gives you less control over your car. Whereas, in manual transmission, there’s a gear shift and clutch pedal, which allow you to physically unlock and shift transmission, into the next gear.

Advantages Of Manual Transmission:

  1. Affordable –Manual transmission cars fit the budget just right and cost less than the automatic ones.
  2. Cost-Effective –Maintenance requirement of manual cars is generally quite low, and even if a little maintenance is provided, it doesn’t cost much.
  3. Fuel Efficient –Because the engines inside manual transmission cars are less composite and have more gears, these cars are able to save fuel and offer better mileage.
  4. Better vehicle control –Manual cars give drivers a chance to control the vehicle, which saves a lot of engine control and responds better to whatever conditions they drive in.

Advantages Of Automatic Transmission:

  1. Convenient –Without having to shift the gear multiple times while driving, automatic transmission cars much convenient to drive. Those who are new to driving, these cars are perfect when it comes to the comfort factor.
  2. Safer –Automatic transmission cars allow the driver to drive more safely, by steering with both hands.
  3. Best For Steep Roads –Automatic transmission cars have the ability to run smoothly and efficiently even on rough and steep roads.
  4. Provides Ease In Heavy Traffics –Automatic transmission cars let the driver drive through heavy traffics without having to do more than just pushing a single pedal.

The Bottom Line:

Automatic transmission cars are convenient. Furthermore, if you’re a new driver, these cars will allow you to learn more comfortably. Without having to keep your attention diverted to wheeling and adjusting the gear, automatic cars are a safer option.

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