Traffic accidents have become the 8th leading cause of death in people of all ages. In the category of unintentional injuries, road accidents are currently the leading cause of death in children and young adults, worldwide. While traffic accidents and road safety rules have mitigated the situation, the problem still prevails due to a lack of awareness and a complete understanding of the traffic regulations—especially among children.

It’s crucial to teach your children fundamental road regulations that not only keep them safe but allow them to carry out daily activities—walking to and back from school, going to the park or going to a friend’s house—confidently.

Before letting your children out on the street unattended, make sure they fully understand and follow these rules.

Traffic Signs and Signals

When you’re out driving or taking a walk and stop at a signal, explain the process and what every color indicates. Children as little as three years of age can understand and retain the meanings associated with each color and sign. Teach them why it’s important to stop at the red hand signal and why they should only cross the road when it says “Walk”.

You also need to educate them about the differences between pedestrian crossings, bends, crossroads and curbside safety instructions.

Playing or Running on Roads

Streets in residential areas are often deserted and may be used by children in the neighborhood to run around or play hide-and-seek. Keep an eye on any such activities and discourage them from playing on the street.

Similarly, children often like running while crossing a road. This can result in a sudden fall in the middle of the road or an inability to see a speeding car. Teach them why it’s not a safe practice and why they should stay calm.

Paying Attention

If your child knows the rules by their heart but doesn’t pay attention to the road, it’s not going to do them much good. You have to educate them on the risks involved and why it’s critical to cross only when it’s safe and there are no vehicles approaching from either side.

This is even more crucial when crossing turns and bends because a vehicle may appear out of nowhere; teach them to listen to any oncoming traffic and look at all sides before crossing the road.

As your child reaches the school-going age, they’ll be able to understand the essentials and gradually learn more over the years. Road safety and rules should be observed by both children and adults. Indicators, following the recommended speed limit, appropriate use of horns and defensive driving can save countless lives, not to mention time and public resources.

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