Several pet owners prefer to take their pets along for road trips because they can’t imagine having fun without their four-legged family members. That said, travelling with pets can prove to be quite the logistical challenge if you aren’t properly prepared. Knowing how to travel safely with pets in your car will save you a lot of trouble and will ensure the ride is enjoyable for both parties.

Use a Ventilated Crate or Carrier

The first thing you should do is invest a high-quality ventilated carrier or crate to keep your pet in. A variety of them are available in hard plastic and wire mesh. Soft-sided carriers are also a popular option. When purchasing one, make sure that it has enough room for your pet to stand, lie down, sit, and turn around in. Prepare your pet firsthand by putting them in the carrier from time to time when at home. Always secure the crate in your car to avoid it shifting, sliding, or falling.

Prepare Your Pet

If you’re planning on a taking a road trip or a vacation, it’s smart to get your pet used to travelling first. You can do this by taking them on short rides around the neighborhood. They will gradually get used to the idea of travelling if you do this frequently.

Keep a First Aid Kit on Hand

Consult your vet about your pet’s medication and stock up on meds prior to the trip. Keep their sleep medication for when they get restless and unruly on the road.

Feed Your Pet Several Hours Prior to the Trip

Pets often tend to fall carsick on the road. To prevent this from happening, feed your pet about three to four hours prior to the trip. Don’t feed them in a moving vehicle at all.

Never Leave Them Alone in the Car

One of the most important rules for travelling with a pet is to never leave them alone in a parked car. In hot weather, even if your windows are wide open, your car can become hot enough to cause a heatstroke. In cold weather, a pet alone in the car can freeze to death.

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