Motorway driving can be a daunting experience for some drivers. While they’re considered to be the safest roads to drive on statistically, the high-speed at which vehicles travel on them can result in extreme collisions.

According to the National Safety Council, speeding is the third of biggest reason for accidents, after alcohol and distracted driving. Just in 2017, it led to 40,000 casualties. Drivers need to be confident while driving on the motorway in order to reduce the risk of accidents. Here are a few essential tips for achieving this.

Merging Smartly

When you’re about to enter a motorway, it’s important to keep the speed of your car level with the other cars on the road. This usually requires speeding up from a 30 mph zone to a 70 mph one. Failure to accelerate will cause the other drivers to pull their brakes, leading to a potentially severe collision.

Switching Lanes

Motorist needs to be vigilant of their surroundings while moving from one lane to another. Make sure you find an appropriately large gap to fill before rushing forward. Once you do, be on the lookout for vehicles behind you while keeping a watch on the mirrors to avoid crashing into other cars. Glide into the gap and alter your speed accordingly.


The speed limit is a crucial factor when it comes to motorway driving. If you’re driving too fast, you’re likely to cause an accident because the car ahead of you might break suddenly.

Similarly, driving too slow can hinder traffic movement, since motorways are built for fast-moving traffic. Remember, vehicle owners on a motorway expect everyone to move at the same speed.

Progressive Braking

Brake lights work as a slow-down warning for other drivers. All car owners need to employ progressive braking while driving on a motorway. If you’re braking frequently, you’re most probably driving too close to the vehicle in front of you.

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