The leading cause of teen deaths in America is motor vehicle crashes. Hundreds and thousands of teen drivers are treated for injuries suffered due to accidents while thousands of them lose their lives.

Road regulations and traffic rules set in place ensure safety for passengers, drivers and pedestrians. Even with practice and experience, driving can be a dangerous task, which is why there are certain additional rules for teen and learner drivers.

CDC stats for Motor Vehicle Safety show minimal use of seatbelts in teen drivers. Several other rules are blatantly disregarded, which is why it’s important to learn about driving permit rules. Before you hand over the keys to your teen, keep these three stages and additional rules in mind.

Stage 1

While each US state has different minimum age requirement, typically it is somewhere between 14 to 16 years. Learners must be accompanied by either a supervisor or trainer at all times and should practice in controlled environments till they achieve a certain skill level.

At first stage, the teen can obtain a learner’s permit, which they can hold for 12 months. During this time, the permit owner is required to complete a certain number of practice sessions—varying on state requirements—that are all supervised and free of any violations.

Stage 2

Once the learner has met requirements of first stage, they can apply for an intermediate permit commonly known as provisional license. To obtain a provisional license, driver must meet minimum age requirement set by state laws.

Having a provisional license means three things;

  • The driver can drive unsupervised during certain periods of the day
  • The driver cannot driveunsupervised at night
  • Based on state laws, only a certain number and age of people can accompany the driver

Stage 3

At final stage, driver can obtain a full license that comes with lifted restrictions such as driving at night. Full licensure, again has a minimum age requirement—usually 17 or 18 depending on the state laws.

The biggest responsibility to promote safe driving in teenagers, lies with the parents who should set their own rules based on the understanding of teen’s driving skills and habits. Expert training in professional environment can make a huge difference which is why it’s best to enroll your teen in Jacob’s Driving and Traffic School if you’re looking for driving schools in Phoenix Arizona.

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