The rear view and side mirrors of a vehicle play a crucial role in driving, and good drivers know that. Beginner and learner drivers, however, often make the mistake of ignoring car mirrors while driving or completely forego their use as they’re unable to understand their function.

Car mirrors play a vital role in making driving safer.  Frequent glances and head turns may be annoying, as you start to learn, but soon you’ll be using them to adjust your speed, position and placement on the road.

Let’s take a look at what each of these mirrors offer and when drivers should use them.

Rear View Mirror

Being the principal mirror, it helps you to observe the distance between your car and ones behind you. Since rear view mirror is made of flat glass, it provides high visibility to the sides of car as well.

The mirror is adjusted on an anchor and drivers can position it for maximum visibility. Potential dangers and collisions can be avoided if the driver knows proper use of them. Before you start driving make sure to adjust rear view mirror as it helps in reversing, changing lanes, changing direction and parking.

Side Mirrors

Also known as wing mirrors, side mirrors are positioned on the exterior of a vehicle and provide visibility to the areas, otherwise in the blind spot.

Most beginner drivers forget to use the passenger’s side mirror, which can make it impossible to get a view of oncoming and passing traffic. Before turning, stopping or entering a narrow road/alley, make sure to continuously switch glances between both side mirrors or there’s a good chance you’ll end up scratching your car.

In modern cars, side mirrors usually come equipped with electrical means so driver can adjust their vertical and horizontal position with just a touch of a button while still being inside. Power mirrors make it easier to switch between wide angle view and close view of the sides of car.

Towing Mirrors

A necessity for bigger vehicles, towing mirrors are most commonly found on trailers and caravans. Towing mirrors provide the same support as a side view mirrors especially when the back of trailer is bigger than the front section.

It can be overwhelming to master the use of experience as a learner but with professional guidance and support you can be road ready in no time. Take driving lessons at our driving school, if you’re in Avondale, Scottsdale, Tempe or surrounding Arizona cities.

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