Driving in rainy weather is no fun (for most of us!), yet we still have to get to work, or to school, or run an errand. So how do you stay safe if you have to drive in the rain?


First, you need to check your Tires, Lights and Wipers, before you even get into your car. Overly inflated or deflated tires can both be really bad for driving, especially if you’re driving in rainy weather. To read about how to check tire pressure, please read our previous blog post “Tire Pressure This Fall” here https://jacobsdrivingschool.net/tire-pressure-fall/


Wipers should be working properly, i.e. get all the water off the windshield. If they are worn or incorrectly installed, you will have bad visibility due to too much water on your windshield.


Back to the TIRES, again… Not only they need to be properly inflated, they should also have good tread. There’s quite an easy way to check if your tire tread is good or not, especially if you have a penny in your pocket. Here’s a little video on how to do that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFuUE567mTU


Bad tire tread greatly increases stopping distance. Rain increases stopping distance… if you have bad tread while driving in the rain, you’re in for a disaster, and we want to prevent that! Check tire pressure, tire tread, and be safe on the road!


And a few more tips…


Do not use cruise control while driving in the rain. The sensors on the cruise control are off during bad weather, and you also need to have full attention on driving and have two hands on your wheel.


Do not speed, in fact, reduce your speed below posted by ⅓ during rain, as your stopping distance increases.


Do not drive over flooded areas, even if it’s just for a few seconds. You can ruin your car engine, and get stranded. If there’s more than 5 inches of water, do not drive into it.


We hope you enjoy the rain and stay safe!


For some tips and statistics:



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